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What is is a niche blogging platform where members can create blogs, publish articles and get paid for the views generated by their articles. There is no requirement for a Google Adsense account as we pay on per view basis instead.

Apart from getting paid for writing articles, members also get paid for indulging in various social activities such as sharing content, posting comments, writing on walls and taking part in contests etc. Thus, ExpertsColumn provides endless opportunities to those who are dedicated towards helping others and willing to make a good income stream doing so.

Niche Blogging

A platform for writers where they can promote their category based articles which is the demand of today's blogging world.

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Social Contributions

Interact, Communicate, Help and Share things with fellow members.

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Revenue Sharing

Make Money Writing Articles and Taking Part in Social Activities.

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Easy Payments

Support for Multiple Payment Methods, Very Low Minimum Payout Limit and Best of all No Adsense Account required at all.

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Niche Blogging

Your Niche Blog gives you following unique benefits:

  • Better search engine rankings for your articles.
  • Higher earnings as targeted ads would get served by advertisers.
  • Authority for your blog to stand unique among gazillions of other blogs.
  • Get recognized as an expert in your niche.
  • Gain loyal readership for your blogs.

Social Contributions

You have engaged in social networking at many websites but not the way that we do:

  • Help your fellow writers with their articles and also contribute to their blogs.
  • Leave your feedback on the content created by your fellow writers.
  • Share articles with your social networks and do the same for your fellow writers.

Revenue Sharing

You are entitled to avail following monetary benefits from us :

  • Get Paid for Writing Articles on your blogs and on blogs of your fellow writers.
  • Get Paid for Leaving Comments on articles and walls of your friends.
  • Get Paid for Sharing Articles on your social networks using our Sharing Widget.
  • Take Part in Contests and win cash prizes from us.
  • Stay Loyal and Avail Loyalty Bonus in the form of Cash Prizes from us.

Easy Payments

Benefits of our Easy Payment Policy:

  • No need to have an Adsense Account in order to get paid as we pay using various payment methods that we support.
  • Number of payment gateways supported: Paypal, Moneybookers (Skrill) & Netbanking.
  • Paypal is the most convenient way to get paid and is available to all the users where it is supported.
  • Moneybookers (Skrill) is an additional payment gateway that we pay using. For places where Paypal is not available, Moneybookers provide good alternative.
  • Netbanking where we transfer your earnings straight in to your bank account (available to Indian Users only)
  • Very low minimum payout limit. It is just $5.00 only.

How It Works?

  • Share Knowledge

    Share Experience

    Share Creativity

    Be Original

  • Make Interactions

    Stay Active

    Be Socialite

    Get Hugs

  • Get Rewarded

    Earn Money

    Earn Rewards

    Earn Reputation

Wide Topic Selection

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join this website ?

Click on Signup button present in the navigation bar in order to join this website.

2. How do I post articles after signing in to dashboard ?

First you need to add a new blog. You can not post articles without first creating a blog. You can add new blog by clicking on the "Add New Blog" button present inside your dashboard. Once your blog is created, you can start posting articles by filling the "Submit Article" form.

3. How do I earn money ?

You make money by posting new articles, comments and writing on wall posts. For articles that you post, we share revenue with you. The revenue is calculated on basis of views gained by your articles. There is no requirement for an Adsense account.

4. What is the payment cycle and minimum payout limit ?

We pay twice every month i.e on 5th and 20th of every month. Payout limit is just $5.00.

5. What topics can I write upon ?

We support all such topics that can be classified as family safe.

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I am a young woman who is extremely passionate about beauty and fitness. Writing is my love which is an inextricably inseparable part of my life. I like to write and make my readers conversant with homemade beauty tips to buzz up their beauty and confidence as well. I feel elated to share my ideas and help all you people become beautiful. I hope you enjoy reading my posts. Happy reading!


Neha Sadana

Neha loves writing for expertscolumn as she consider this writing website as one of the best platform for writers to get noticed and earn online.



professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness



Research in astrology is a never ending process. That is what I do. I know this research would never end yet there is something that motivates me to keep going in the field of astrology. What you read here could be a work of many years! So read carefully and feel free to comment wherever you think you should.



Freelance writer since 2007 Content Provider Musician Educator Homeschooling WAHM

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