Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Expertscolumn.com?

Expertscolumn.com is a blogging and social networking platform where you can earn money by writing articles and leaving your feedback on other people articles and wallposts.

2. What are the benefits of joining?

By joining Expertscolumn.com, you are eligible to earn money from your blogs using our program. Simply create blog, post articles, promote them and earn from them on pay per view basis. Similarly, leave your feedback on other members articles and write on their wall posts so that you earn money doing social networking .

3. How do I create a blog?

After you login to your account, you see an option to 'Add New Blog' in the left sidebar. Just click on that option. A new window will load. Fill in all the details and click on Submit to create a blog. After your blog is created, you are ready to post your articles on that blog.

4. How do I submit an article?

From the left sidebar, click on 'Submit Article' button to load the new page. On that page select your blog where would like to publish an article and click on 'Next' in order to load the next page where you would be writing your actual article. Simply fill in all the fields mentioned there and submit it for review by our moderators. Make sure that your articles are strictly as per our writing guidelines else your article would not be approved.

5. How long does it takes to review an article?

There are number of moderators working on the site. They will review your article and give their feedback about it. If your article succeeds to achieve required number of approvals, it will get published on your blog, else you will receive a message that your article has been rejected. At maximum, your article will get reviewed in 3 days of posting. If not, article will be returned to you for re-submission.

6. What is the minimum length for an article to publish?

We do not accept articles below 400 words. We recommend writing longer articles so that they contain more valuable information. This limit ensures that our members are serious towards writing quality content, not just making money. If you can't write articles of 400+ words on your blog(s) then we would suggest you to not to register with us with an aim of making money writing articles. However you can still register to avail other benefits.

7. How much do I earn from articles?

We can't disclose an exact rate that you will be earning at. However we would like to tell you that it depends upon how many views your articles are generating and where your traffic is coming from. The more the visitors from search engines more will be the earnings. Similarly traffic from countries like USA, Canada, Australia and European countries will result in higher earnings. Kindly refrain from spamming using illegal traffic generation methods or you will be banned from the site and all your earnings will be forfeited.

8. Can I write on any topic?

No. You can write on only those topics which clearly follows our Writing Guidelines. We do not accept articles in language other than English. We do not accept any article which contains sexual/pornographic content, violent/hatred/obscene content, hacking/cracking related content, arms and weapons related content, drugs/pharmaceuticals related content, copyright material, PLR articles, study papers/essays, any content which targets an individual, group or an organization and/or any content which violates our Editorial guidelines in any manner.

9. Can I earn doing social networking ?

We are primarily focused towards providing earning opportunities from blogging. But looking at the size of our community, we have began paying members for social networking as well. Presently we pay members for posting comments on articles and wall posts. But not all comments are paid. Only those which are genuine and of required length are paid.

10. How to find users and add them as friends ?

This is very simple. You can either visit the profile page of that user if you know it or you can simply use a search box present at the top in your dashboard. In search box, simply enter the name of the user and click 'enter' to search for that user. It will return all the users with that name and you can visit their profile pages. On their profile page, you would see an option to add them as a friend.

11. How to change main category ?

Once you choose a main category for your blog, it could not be changed later on. So choose your main category wisely after considering all the options. Please note that Expertscolumn is a niche blogging platform now, hence we allow only one main category per blog. However you are allowed to change sub-categories listed under that main category for your blog as and when desired.

12. What if I want to write under different main categories ?

In this case you must create a separate blog for each main category. At this point we allow upto 6 blogs per user, so you can choose to write in 6 different main categories at maximum. You can create a new blog by clicking 'Add New Blog' button available in your dashboard and filling all the options listed there.

13. What is minimum payout and how to request it ?

Our minimum payout is still $5. We have kept such a small payout so that members can find it quite easy to work with us. Once you reach $5 in your account, you can always put a redemption request by clicking 'Request Payout' button present in the sidebar of your dashboard. There you enter amount of earnings that you would like to request from each blog and simply submit a redemption request with us. It takes between 7-10 days clearing your request.

14. What are the payment modes supported by us?

We provide three payment transfer modes: Paypal, Skrill (Moneybookers) & Bank Transfer. For international members we pay using Paypal and Skrill (Moneybookers) only. For Indian members, we also provide direct bank transfer option. Please note that bank transfer option is only for Indian members, hence members from other countries should not make use of this option. Members from countries such as USA, UK, Canada, France, South Africa, Indonesia, Philippines and all other countries must choose either Paypal or Skrill (Moneybookers) as a payment option. If they choose Bank Transfer, there request would be cancelled.

15. How do I get more traffic to my articles from search engines?

Over the time, search engines have become smarter. So in order to better rank your articles in the search engines, you need to make your articles smarter as well.


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